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Common FAQs…

Loyalty Scheme

The Little’s Down Under loyalty scheme is a simple way for you to save money on your next purchase and many of you have a substantial number of points already!

You will need to create your own account rather than a guest checkout.

Every dollar spent is worth one point. (with the exception of the Gift Card purchase).  Every fifty points you save is equal to $1 off your next purchase. So therefore if you have 100 points this is equal to $2.  You can continue saving points to enable you to save a substantial amount on any purchase.  The points are available at your next purchase, however they expire after one year.

Occasionally there may be promotions for a short while which will allow you to earn more points than usual on either all or a particular product – and these promotions will be advertised on social media channels and store newsletters.

You are able to redeem your available points as you go through the checkout, and you have the option of using any number of available points which are shown during the checkout session which will reduce the total amount owed on the transaction.

You can view how many points you have at any time via the FAQ tab in the Header and click on ‘My Account’ or use the Login form below the My Account tab.

Loyalty points are not earned  or redeemable for pickup customers – nor are they earned on the cost of Postage/freight.

Can I Pick Up Product ?

You are welcome to pick up product and see what we have at our warehouse store should you wish.

As a pickup customer you will be able to take advantage of reduced prices.  The prices on the website include delivery, and thus you will have the delivery charge removed on the transaction.  The amount varies according to the weight of the product, but you could save substantial amounts!

Should you require a ‘change’ after your journey at our premises you are very welcome to do so in privacy or if you would like assistance – please ask.

Our address is:
17 /50 Kremzow Road
Brendale Qld 4500
Telephone 07 3333 2018

Our opening hours are Mon – Thursday 09:00 – 16:30 and on Friday until 2.30pm
We are happy to assist at weekends or after hours by appointment only Just call +61 7 3333 2018 – subject to availability.

Our nearest train station is Strathpine  we are about a 20 minute walk from the station.

Alternatively you can catch bus 670 from the end of the platform (cross the road at the level crossing nr Red Rooster). This bus goes every hour at around 11 minutes to the hour.  Ask the bus driver to drop you off in Leitchs Road (near Walk on Wheels) and we are short walk from there.

Or we can arrange to pick you up and drop you back at the station – subject to availability and you must ring to arrange this with plenty of notice.

We share our premises with another company and are situated on a small warehouse estate.  We welcome you to come along – don’t be shy-  just ask for Derek on your arrival.

We do have a number of people purchasing this type of product and it is useful for us to know which site you have found us on so we can show you the privacy you require and ask you to share that with us.

Whilst not essential it is best to contact us first so we know you are coming.

You can do this via Live Chat during office hours or send us and email at
[email protected]  or of course call us on +61 7 3333 2018

Additional Questions…

 1 – Is the item in stock?

Yes – this item is in stock and available for immediate dispatch

2 – Does the price shown include GST? 

Yes – all prices shown on the website include GST (where applicable).

3 – Can I upgrade my delivery to a faster delivery service?

Yes – We offer ‘Standard’ or ‘Express’ post.  Express does not necessarily mean next day.

4 – Can I have an order sent to an alternative address to the billing address? 

Yes – when you enter the checkout area, and you enter your invoice/billing address details there is a box that you can tick. Tick the box it will open up another area where you can enter the delivery address of where you wish the parcel to be delivered too.

5 – What happens if I want to exchange/return an item I have purchased? 

If you contact us within 7 days of receipt of your order, we would be more than happy to either offer you a refund on the purchase price or exchange the product for you. You must obtain a returns/exchange number before any goods are returned. For all information on exchanges and refunds please view our ‘terms and conditions’ on our website.

6 – What will appear on my Bank or Credit card statement ?

The name of Corvus Green Distribution will appear on Bank or Credit card statements.

Care of PVC Panties, Clothes and More

PVC Care

PVC is a type of plastic and in the instance of making baby clothes it is produced in various grades and colours and hardness’s.

Most of our PVC pants and rompers are made from .004 gauge PVC which is soft to touch and quickly warms to feel although some are twice as thick and go to .008 gauge and they are more ridged.

Our PVC Adult Baby clothing should washed by hand with care using mild detergent. They rinsed in warm water and should be patted dry using a towel or cloth and hung out of the sun to dry completely. Care should be taken not to allow pegs to tear the plastic.

Some people have used a small amount of Glycerin liquid in their final rinse in an effort to keep the PVC soft and supple.

PVC will go brittle after continued use and washing and it is natural for the product to do this as the product ages.

Comfort (enclosed elastic) Waist or Elastic?

Many people ask what is the difference between the Comfort waist and the Elastic waist.

The Comfort Waist has broad elastic sewn into the PVC the pant is made from, so both the leg and the waist is made from this type of finish.

The Elastic waist is braided elastic which gives a tighter finish and more like the old fashioned plastic pant finish that Baby Boomers would be used to. Many adult baby and age players like this type of product.

Bikini, Regular or High Waist?

Some of our customers ask what type of pant is better for them.

There are three heights of waist from are Waterproof Pants which are as follows: Bikini, Regular and High. Users have their own reasons for choosing their product.


The Bikini is a useful product to choose as the cut of the pant is less generous than the Regular or High waist. Because of the nature of Biniki pant it tends to hug the pant and obviously is lower on the waist. These features allow for less bulk, and less likely hood of the panties being seen riding above the waist line of their over clothes They are of unisex design.

Regular Height

Regular height pants have a generous cut, and and equally wide crutch and allows for a large nappy or disposable nappy to be worn without any problem. The Generous cut is sometimes too much for some and there is often a noise or rustle of the PVC as it moves around under over clothing.

High Waist

High Waist pants are generally used for night use. The reason for this is that at night there is a higher risk of seepage from the nappy, causing embarrassing leaks and a wet bed. The High waist allows for better containment of leakage which is very common at night with almost any nappy.

Snap or Standard Pant?

So why would you choose a Snap pant over a standard type pant?

Snap pants are great if you wear waterproof pants under your normal clothes. They allow you to remove the pants without the requirement to also remove other outer clothing. Whether you are wearing normal trousers, romper or onesie, the Snap pants have press studs on the hips that allow removal of the pants easily. Another benefit of Snap pants is that they allow a little air circulation and thus can be less ‘sweaty’ than standard pants which do not allow for that air circulation, making the Snaps more comfortable to wear.

Airport Scanners and Dignity

We have been asked on a number of occasions to provide information about whether travelling whilst wearing a pad will show up during the scanning process at airport and other security situations. After some correspondence with (Australian) Authorities, we are happy to provide the following information from them which is a direct quote from their email correspondence as follows:

Many major Australian airports operate a special circumstances lane, which we recommend people with colostomy bags or nappies utilise when traveling.

Any person may be selected for a body scan when travelling internationally from one of the eight Australian international gateway airports. All body scanners deployed at Australian airports are equipped with privacy enhancements. To protect the privacy of the travelling public, the current generation body scanner is equipped with automated threat recognition technology. This technology eliminates the need for a screening officer to review raw images of the person being scanned. Instead, when a scan is conducted, the body scanner automatically analyses the data received from the scan and uses a generic human outline, which does not display gender, size, shape or any distinguishing features, to highlight any area on the body that may require further examination. Individual scans are not able to be stored or transferred to other devices.

Passengers are to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect throughout aviation security screening process. As such, screening officers are trained to ensure that the privacy of passengers is appropriately maintained at all times. The body scanner will alert the screening officer when it detects items, such as ostomy pouches or nappies, under a person’s clothing, however, it is not able to identify the nature of the item.

This means that the screening officer is required to investigate to determine that the item is not a prohibited item or weapon. The passenger can always request that this resolution process takes place in a private room. A private room provides the passengers with the opportunity to inform the screening officer of the item in question discreetly. Passengers will not be required to expose ostomy pouches or similar medical items for inspection and the screening officer will never touch the items.

For further information on privacy, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport has produced a privacy impact assessment for the introduction of body scanners. This assessment can be obtained on through the Department’s TravelSECURE website.

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