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Rearz InControl Inspire+ White Adult Nappies

(14 customer reviews)


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Rearz White InControl Inspire+ Adult Nappy – Diaper

We have seen a lot of diapers in our time and just couldn’t figure out why nobody offered a super high end diaper that also incorporates high end, brand name materials that can only improve the product.

So we took the initiative to make the world’s most absorbent diaper.


1. Brand name 5th Generation SAP gel:

  • This crazy gel has a 4x faster aquisition rate
  • Better retaining power, even under pressure
  • Higher capacity
  • Boasting at least 4900ml-5000ml max capacity (that’s 169oz or about 20 cups)

2. Brand name tapes

3. Thick core with USA grade A Fluff

4. Tall standing leg guards for extra protection against leaks

5. Elastic waistbands front and pack

6. Plain white, unprinted outer

7. Reinforced frontal tape that allows refastening

8. Thick Vintage style PE backing that has not been seen in at least 20 years


  • Small: Waist/hip 25″ – 36″ Capacity: ISO 4864g (ml)
  • Medium: Waist/hip 32″ to 42″ and measures 27″ x 33.”  ISO 4981g (ml)
  • Large: Waist/hip 34″ to 52″ and measures 31″ x 37 ISO: 5361g (ml)
  • X Lge: Waist/hip 33″ to 55″ and measures 33″ x 40.” ISO: 5385g (ml)
Choose your size and also the number or packs required
  • Samples- 2 Nappies
  • Packs contain 12 Nappies
  • Cartons contain 3 packs 36 nappies – Save 7.5%
  • Two cartons 6 packs – 72 nappies – Save 10%

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Select Size

Small: Waist/hip 25"-36", Medium: Waist/hip 30" – 42, Large: Waist/hip 34" – 52", X Lge: Waist/hip 33" – 56"

Pack / Carton


14 reviews for Rearz InControl Inspire+ White Adult Nappies

  1. Justin

    >Good quality, haven’t had tabs break yet.

    >Feel nice to wear, do have some bulk but fine for ABDLs and people who like the security/feel of thick nappies with plastic backing.

    >Plastic backing slightly noisy but barely noticeable under underwear and pants.

    >Good capacity

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    One of my new favourite nappies. The cut/fit is excellent. I’m a size 29 – 30 in most pants, and these nappies fit me perfectly in a size small. They do have quite a lot of bulk to them, but I find that they’re not so thick that I can’t wear them out and about during the day if I want. Absorbency is high enough that I usually only need to change for comfort, hygiene, and discretion due to swelling.

    The tapes are 10/10, as is the durability of the nappy overall. Very comfortable, probably the most comfortable nappies I’ve ever tried.

  3. David (verified owner)

    These would have to be my new favorite nappy / diaper! Perfect for all day / all night wear!
    Super comfy, and the fit with the elastic back and front helps to get the perfect fit.
    The tapes are strong, and I haven’t had any leaks!

    They are thick (but thick is best!) and are perfect for wearing under most normal clothes with no issues!
    Highly recommend these diapers!!

  4. Shaun (verified owner)

    This is the type of diaper the rest of the ABDL world take for granted. Full plastic covering, they go on thick and just keep getting thicker as you wet them. Until now we could only get them when on holidays overseas or if we were willing to pay hundreds in postage costs. Now they are here and affordable.
    Fantastic for home and playtime, strong plastic and the gel stays in place. I think it is one of the best in the word. Only problem for littles is no pictures, plain white only so carers will have to be creative.
    Thank you littles-downunder for importing this great diaper.

  5. Russell

    These are weapons grade nappies for the serious nappy lover! The thickness is so good at the start and then they just keep getting thicker and puffier. The plastic can be very noisy, even under clothes but some people, like me, love that crinkly reminder. The tapes never let go, now matter how full the nappy gets. These can be seen as an all day or all night, no problem, fail-safe nappy. My absolute favourite now.

  6. Gav (verified owner)

    Another good ABDL nappy . Nice and thick and crinkle when u walk . If u like that . Hold a lot of fluid like the safari ones . Plastic is nice and thick and the tabs hold good . Only had it on a few hrs and feels so good on . Sure be getting more . 🙂

  7. NZ D.G (verified owner)

    Hi I can not believe the rearz inspire + incontrol hols so much even if u sit down on a chair or what ever it does not leak . Not plastic pants required . Im amazed. 10/10

  8. kj (verified owner)

    Perfect tapes excellent to wear and comfortable for all day use .

  9. Richard (verified owner)

    The thickest and most comfortable nappy I`ve ever worn, especially with a boost-up inner liner for even more absorbency. They last me for all day and night use without any leaks. Total comfort and security and I like the crinkly plastic backing.

  10. Jodie (verified owner)

    Great nappy will wear again

  11. daniel (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best plain white nappy on the market! Very thick and get even thicker when wet and can hold lots without leaking. This is my go to nappy as fits well and worth every cent!
    If you could get them in pink it would be the only way to improve them!

  12. Greg (verified owner)

    I haven’t worn the inspire+ for a while now, but my usual faves had temporally sold out, so I purchased a pack of these super-soakers. I’d forgotten how good these are.
    Just love these things, they do exactly what it says on the tin.
    The inspire+ slurp up all bodily fluids thrown in them and the thick crinkley plastic backing & excellent tabs / landing strip ensures nothing escapes.
    A nice thick nappy that doesn’t give up when the going gets tough. Their capacity is outstanding.
    A must have in the nappy draw and highly recommended for anyone who doesn’t like getting out of bed all night😄
    Stay padded peeps ❤ Greg

  13. kirby.silver99 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these. High capacity, reliable, and comfy as. Only issue I have is that when they get near maximum capacity, the tabs don’t hold up all that well. But other than that, they’re amazing.

  14. holdthedorr94 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these! Nice and bulky, perfect for the little boy or girl who likes to waddle around in a thick ,crinkly, comfy nappy. Pop your binkie in and feel safe and snug in these incredible nappies.

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